How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With the Right Wording

What are the main things to keep in mind when thinking of your wedding wording? You may be surprised how much wedding wording will come up as you plan your perfect wedding. There are wedding invitations, (and many other invitations – bachelor/ette parties {stags and hen nights in the UK} as well as rehearsals, fittings, bridal showers and so on), thank you cards, lists and of course a range of speeches. It’s clear that having the perfect wedding means having the best wedding wording.

Wedding speeches come in all shapes and sizes. There are the heartfelt speeches from the groom and the father-of-the-bride, routine thank you speeches and humorous best-man speeches. Of course there will be research and many hours spent writing the speech down and rehearsing it so it flows naturally. There are a few websites around that give you wedding speech examples and wedding invitation samples but it is always better to go for a product that gives you a wedding speeches guide, although wedding invitation samples are pretty straightforward. Ultimately, it is best to have your flavour throughout the wedding wording.

Making a great wedding speech is not just about the words. It is recommended to use words that are evocative, paint pictures so that listeners own imagination can take the them places. Construct the flow of your speech by making points of things you wish included and making the speech a journey that covers these points.

There are ways to do this. Firstly, deal with any nerves you might have when you thing of making a wedding speech. One way is to keep connecting with the joyous and wonderful occasion of the wedding rather than what will happen if you mess it up. By this I mean, whenever you are writing or rehearsing the speech, work to keep any thoughts on the happy side, not the fear side. This will in effect anchor the speech to happiness. If you get an image of you tripping over your words, work that picture to the smiling faces of your friends and family – the mind prefers pleasure to pain.

When thinking of your wedding invitation wording, you can start with a wedding invitation sample, but why not try to add some of your own personality in it? “You are cordially invited” might read “You are graciously/enthusiastically/fondly/warmly/joyfully and so on”. Strive to put your personality into the words – it will mean so much more to the guests and set up a great feeling around the event. Keep a thesaurus handy and aim for the words that capture how you feel. Write down your wedding invitation samples and see how they look – or say them a few times and notice how they land on the ear.

I believe that with a bit of extra attention to the little things that lead to the best wedding wording you can write, your wedding will be authentic and inspiring. Perfect Wedding Wording for a Perfect Wedding.

John Sammers has been working with people as a therapist and a coach for many years. Some of the work he does helps people rid themselves of painful memories and it was in this work that he first got the idea for this book.

John’s history is in education. After 10 years or so of teaching he retrained as a life coach. He then continued his professional development to become a certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnotherapy. He has since gone on to study and achieve practitioner level of Emotional Freedom Technique and, apart from some therapy work, his main area is the training of others in communication and the language of the unconscious mind.